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Driving Under the Influence-1 (DUI-1)

Florida Statute 316.193(5) & Administrative Rule 15A-10- Licensure under/Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.

Approved 12 hour course using primarily didactic method of instruction to satisfy statutory requirements for first offense of DUI, DUBAL, Refusal, DUI reduced to WWRD if substance abuse related, Boating under the Influence (if court required), and/or related arrests/convictions requiring course attendance in an alchohol/substance abuse education program.

Program enrollment includes required psychosocial evaluation to determine risk(s) for future substance abuse problems. Referral to licensed substance abuse treatment program will be made for persons meeting criteria for mandatory referral.

To register for the DUI - 1class the following information must be presented at registration:
  • Drivers license number
  • Photo I.D. (Florida I.D. or driver license required - no exceptions)
  • Complete arrest report
  • Citation
  • Court orders( if applicable)
  • Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.) test results or refusal affidavit
  • Name of probation officer (if applicable)
If you wish information on either of these related courses please view information on DUI-2 and SSS.

Visit our registration information page containing class times and other pertinent data or call our office toll free (888) 399-1233 or locally (904) 399-3119.

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