The Northeast Florida Safety Council’s mission statement is focused around public service. Education, public awareness programs and activities are the components we use to promote our public service. Special events, correspondence, television and radio interviews help us reach our community; a community we hope utilizes what we have to offer.

Free community services include:

Safety Statistics - We can provide you with the most up to date statistics on the local, state and national levels and if we don’t have it we know where you can get it.

Brochures, Flyers and Handouts -We have the latest information on virtually all aspects of safety. Whether it is driving safety, bicycle safety, or occupational safety, we have it here at the Council.

Special Event Representatives and Information- How many times have you had a safety or health fair and had to start at square one. Let our professionals help you get started with some names and ideas. After all, we may want to be there too. Contact us today to discuss it further!

NEFSC is the host for the Duval County Community Traffic Safety Team, that meets monthly at the Don Tullis Educational Building, 1725 Art Museum Drive, Jacksonville. Florida's Community Traffic Safety Teams (CTSTs) are locally based groups of highway safety advocates who are committed to solving traffic safety problems through a comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary approach. Members include local city, county, state and occasionally federal agencies, as well as private industry representatives and local citizens. Find out more about CTSTs at or contact the District 2 CTSTs Community Traffic Safety Program Manager at (904) 360-5416 for information about meeting schedules or programs.

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